Hengrui Corporation has relatively rich capabilities for non-destructive testing, material testing and component performance testing of CFRP, for example:

  • CFRP mechanical performance test instrument, e.g. Universal test machine, can conduct tensile and compressive test, pressing, bending and shearing mechanics tests over material test specimen and regular parts.
  • Aging and fatigue tests.
  • Non-destructive tests, such as ultrasound, sound wave, and X-ray.
  • Precision detector for size and molded surface of products, e.g. Photo scanner, Laser CMM, Grade-A Highlight Detector.

Tests for some components can be conducted via a detecting platform by a third-party cooperative partner to test subsystems of different parts, e.g. dent-resistance of front hood collision protection, the low-speed & high-speed collision of the bumper, model, etc. Also, tests can be delivered to clients by the clients' specific test requirements.