Simulation Analysis

Hengrui corporation has a professional simulation designer team, which has the following analytical capabilities by using the international popular software such as Abaqus / ANSYS / Fe-safe:

  • Statics, stiffness, strength, fatigue, lifetime, buckling, failure analysis;
  • Advanced dynamic analysis (transient analysis, frequency analysis, response spectrum analysis, random vibration analysis, complex eigenvalue extraction analysis under complex working conditions;
  • Non-linear transient dynamic analysis (collision analysis, pedestrian protection analysis, high-speed impact analysis);
  • Linear and nonlinear adhesive bond modeling;
  • Advanced composite ply failure analysis (LaRC02, Puck, MCT);
  • Micromechanics Based Composite Laminate Failure Analysis
  • Nonlinear Progressive Ply Failure Analysis (PPFA);
  • Advanced 3D layered composite analysis
  • Advanced Nonlinear Material Modeling (Hyperelastic, Nonlinear-Elastic, Plastic, Shape Memory, Brittle, Thermoelastic)
  • Assembly Modeling with Contact
  • Optimization of structure size and design parameters.

Shorter development period! More optimal design scheme! More reliable design quality! And lower R&D cost!