Developed by Carbures Group and exclusively introduced by Hengrui Corporation., global patent technology for rapid production of carbon-fiber spare parts is the most state-of-the-art technology for mass production and processing of carbon fiber. It not only realizes quality production and high intelligence but also features sophisticated style and mass production. It dramatically shortens the time of production and is the real technology for mass production of carbon fiber spare parts, successfully satisfying the demand of mass production, improving product quality and significantly reducing production cost.

Technical characteristics:

  • Shorten current production time from 90minutes to 3-6minutes
  • Make mass production possible and meet clients’ needs for mass manufacturing
  • Have competitive cost advantages to directly bring economic value to clients
  • Fully automatic production ensures product quality and coherence


Technical Advantages:

  • Rapid prototyping technology for fiber products of complex structure which is globally exclusive
  • Fully automatic production line with double features - sophisticated style and fast production
  • Industrial robot by internationally famous manufacturer completing full-set actions including cutting, carrying, processing and polishing
  • Sides switching manufacturing process dramatically shortening shut-down time, and facilitating online maintenance of equipment with intelligent and flexible ways
  • In-plant multi-spot monitoring and one-spot control for equipment, grasp production status in an all-round way
  • Standard control block embedded with a lean production logical method featuring Materials Pull System (MES)
  • High-standard interface reserve satisfying conditions for accessing Industrial 4.0 Platform
  • European patented equipment with full-set core technology and manufacturing capacity